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For the past 16 years Infield 3D has been a pioneer in creating sponsors’ logos on, or right next to the playing surface at thousands of major televised events.

From paint manufacture (using our close cooporation with Linemark UK Ltd) and colour matching to placement and removal, Infield 3D offers a full in house service. No element of our procedure is sub-contracted, giving clients confidence in the finished product and in our professional approach.

Our patented 3D system creates the optical illusion that the lay-on-a-wedge branding is actually a conventional free standing sign.

Our three different systems allow our clients’ logos to be closer to the pitch, closer to the action, and closer to the camera to maximise brand exposure without affecting the play or the crowd’s view in any way.

In football/soccer, recent statistics show 3D goal side mats give at least 4X more TV exposure time in comparison to static or L.E.D. hoarding adverts. In addition 3D logos are always front line and stand proud of other cluttered adverts. This alone generates higher exposure and high impact sponsorship applications.